$8.09. Ours are prone to leaf curl, but they go on to produce many heavy fruit even if they get stressed early in the season. Amish Land Seeds claims to be the only US Source for this paste tomato! Drain excess water and run poppy seeds through a grinder 3 times or grind them with a pestle. 80 Days! fruits are 3 to 4 long. $ 2.99 Size. Our biggest fruits weight 1.2 … with potato-leaf foliage. Our plants just keep putting them out until Fall. Produced well until late autumn. Alternatively, normal seed substrate could be used as well. Sprout tomato seeds in small containers, preferably 4" or smaller. Smooth fruits can weigh 1 pound and have a nice aroma when ripened. Sort by: ... Herb Seeds Decorative plants and Flower Seeds Fruit and Vegetable Seeds Our company. Excellent germination rate but I will not be planting this one next year, maybe in other conditions. Their shape is quite unusual for a tomato, resembling the form of a d'Anjou pear. High yielding plants produce purplish-black, smooth skinned fruits that are crack resistant. A crack free and meaty tomato that's as pretty as it is good. A great producing plant that delivers 3" to 4" sweet treats all summer long. Konori F1 Tomato Seeds 3 packs. The plant produces high yields of 5 to 7 oz oblong purplish-red plum tomatoes. Feb 26, 2016 - (aka Purple Russian) Plum-shaped fruits are 3-4" long and weigh 6 ounces, generally crack-free. Well, Weissnicht's Ukrainian Tomato was EXACTLY the same color red, so I just had to photograph one of the monster fruits on my car to show you! Compact Indeterminate. Excellent producers of good size lovely purple paste tomatoes. I planted about 7 plants of this variety. Price:1.90 EUR. The lady who gave the seeds to Weisnichts said it looked like a 'Ukrainian strain' from a Smith and Hawken published book (which could have been Carolyn Male's famous book '100 Heirloom Tomatoes for American Garden'), so this is why it got the name 'Weisnicht's Ukrainian', and … Here is the Ukrainian Purple Tomato also known as Russian purple, Solanum lycopersicum, This purple plum tomato from the Ukraine are great producers with fruit sizes 2.5 to 4 inches. Tomato Ukranian Purple. Weisnicht’s Ukrainian Slicing Tomato - Organic (85 days) Open-pollinated. Excellent sweet flavour at their best when eaten fresh. TomatoFest® is a registered trademark and cannot be used without permission of the owner. My kid loves growing and eating them. One that I acquired was labelled Hurma Ukrainian. One of the best tasting purplish-red tomatoes! Perfect for salads, sandwiches, slicing, salsa, sauce, puree, paste, and canning. Compact Indeterminate. Open Pollinated, non-gmo, tomato seed Quick view It was covered all season with fruit that just hung to the ground it was that loaded. Indeterminate, vigorous, potato leaf plants produce generous crops of 12-20 oz., smooth to fluted , blemish-free, pink beefsteak tomatoes with meaty flesh and rich, complex sweet flavors. Mix raisins, poppy seeds, and sugar until well combined. Put poppy seeds in a bowl and pour boiling water above for half an hour. Our paste tomato seeds are 100% guaranteed. I bought Ukrainian Purple seeds from Seed Savers 5 years ago, and I've grown them a few times and saved the seeds. The fruit has a tangy, quality taste and very juicy soft flesh, whilst its deep purple colour makes it ideal in salads. Also known as Ukrainian Purple Tomato. Open-pollinated. Sweet, meaty, and crack resistant. Big fat beefsteaks are what you will harvest when you grow out Pridenstrovskiy Ukarainian tomato. Seed Source: Amish Land Seeds. Pridenstrovskiy Ukrainian Tomato. Crack-resistant. Add to Cart. Seed Savers Exchange is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of heirloom seeds. Organic and heirloom seed. Anna Russian Tomato Plants : Ann Russian is a heirloom ox-heart tomato variety from Brenda Hillenius, of Oregon, who got from her grandfather, Kenneth Wilcox, who received seeds from a Russian immigrant. A family heirloom from Odessa, Ukraine, originally from Olena Warshova in the Ukraine. Tomatoes are sweet and flavorful making them a good choice for eating fresh, salsa and sauces. Tomatoes are sensitive to freezing temperatures, so wait to transplant outdoors until the soil is warm. They are meaty and very flavorful. Zone 5b IL. Great flavor, sweet and meaty. Indeterminate. View our live and pre-recorded virtual events. Images on this site are protected by copyright—unauthorized use is not permitted. Olena Ukrainian tomato is a fantastic tomato for sandwiches and fresh eating. See our seed starting tips to prepare for your gardening season. Wash raisins and separately soak them in boiling water for 20 minutes. Indeterminate, 80 days from transplant. Last October, the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (RTBG) held public sales of tomato plants. This very productive, large m Fast and safe delivery International specialties More than 250,000 satisfied cust Buyer protection through TRUSTED SHOPS . Thanks to Ryan Voiland of Red Fire Farm in Granby, Mass., for helping put this little known but extremely tasty heirloom on the map. Ukrainian Heart Heirloom Tomato Seeds. ... Ukrainian Purple Seeds. Date Planted: March 23, 2007. Great for sauce and juice. Plants … $8.09. Tomato Auto-Red When I bought my 1997 bright red Pontiac Grand Am GT, my friend Debby immediately christened it "The Tomato Auto" since I grow and sell over 100 kinds of tomato seeds. The tomatoes are very sweet and delicious. Tomato. Tomato Ukranian Purple. Learn more about growing tomatoes. Continue to cook until poppy seeds soak water completely. Saving seeds from my Ukrainian tomato plant. Sow the seeds on the peat pellets and cover the seeds with a thin layer of peat (about 2 mm). Plum shaped fruits are 3-4" long and weigh 6 ounces, generally crack-free. PURPLE UKRAINE SEEDS (TOMATO) - Plant World Seeds. Why TomatoFest is Your Best Source for Tomato Seeds, How to Choose the Best Tomato Seeds for Your Garden, The Most Massive Poisoning of the Environment in the History of Humanity, Background of "Julia Child" Heirloom Tomato, Background of Marianna's Peace Heirloom Tomato. Plant produces good yields of 6 oz pink-purple pear shaped tomatoes. These seeds top our list for a reason: excellent performance, incredible taste and beauty, and beloved for generations. This reliable and productive Ukrainian heirloom variety produces purplish black plum shaped fruits of 3-4″ long and of around 6 ounces in abundance. An excellent, gorgeous tomato. Subscribe for special offers, recipes, and gardening tips. Vines were vibrant from the strat and kept getting bushier by the day. Plants are very productive. Please note, our Visitors Center is closed until further notice. Plants produce 6oz fruits are perfect for slicing, fresh eating, and juicing. Thanks to Ryan Voiland of Red Fire Farm in Granby, Mass., for helping put this little known but extremely tasty heirloom on the map. We conserve and promote America's culturally diverse but endangered garden and food crop heritage for future generations by collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants. pk/10