, 6 , 781-800. not influence the Hadley circulation. The general circulation of the atmosphere John Marshall February 22, 2018 We consider in this note the most general features of the circulation of the ... meridional circulation (a circulation in the north-south plane) Š forming the Ferrel Cell and, in part, the Hadley Cell too. so the mean motion is very sluggish. The mean meridional circulation in winter and summer is derived as a function of latitude and height from an analysis of observed winds in the area 160°W‐0‐40°E, 75°N‐15°N. It is corroborated that: (a) the existence of the meridional circulation is primarily determined by the eddies, and (b) that the meridional circulation is set up by surface friction in the zone of the westerlies in … In the upper tro-posphere, above the center of the Hadley cells where vertical momentum advection by the mean meridional circulation can be neglected, the mean zonal momentum balance may be used to quantify how strongly eddy mo-mentum fluxes influence the mean meridional flow: f(1 ! (oceanography) The exchange of water masses between northern and southern oceanic regions. Oceanogr. An atmospheric circulation in a vertical plane oriented along a meridian; it consists, therefore, of the vertical and the meridional (north or south) components of motion only. These observations, coupled with other observations of ∼10 m s −1 poleward average meridional velocity for cloud top features at about 65‐km altitude, suggest that within the clouds a thermally driven mean meridional circulation is superimposed on the much more rapid zonal rotation. Tellus , 43A , 1-14. A zonally averaged, quasi-geostrophic residual Eulerian model is used to illustrate how the adjustment of the middle atmophere to externally imposed forcing depends on internal dissipative properties (parameterized as Newtonian cooling a and Rayleigh friction KR) and on the periodicity of the forcing. Oort, A. H. and T. H. Vonder Haar, 1976: On the observed annual cycle in the ocean-atmosphere heat balance over the northern hemisphere, J. Phys. The results confirm the classical idea of a direct circulation in low latitudes, but the indirect circulation in middle latitudes is stronger than expected. Kaoru Sato, Takenari Kinoshita, Kota Okamoto, A New Method to Estimate Three-Dimensional Residual-Mean Circulation in the Middle Atmosphere and Its Application to Gravity Wave–Resolving General Circulation Model Data, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 10.1175/JAS-D … A calculation has been made of the meridional circulation sufficient to transport heat between the radiational sources and sinks in the stratosphere (15‐55 km) … Michaud, R. and J. Derome, 1991: On the mean meridional transport of energy in the atmosphere and oceans as derived from six years of ECMWF analyses. This can be seen in Fig.3. The meridional transport of energy by the atmosphere may be divided into contributions from sensible, geopotential and latent forms that comprise the moist static energy. Some aspects of the meridional circulation ofthe atmosphere are con idered. Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York (Manuscript received 29 August 2012, in final form 18 December 2012) ABSTRACT The mean meridional circulation of the atmosphere is presented using the mass (more specifically, the however, such motions are difficult to achieve due to angular momentum conservation. general circulation-cont 2. meridional mean circulation- time/longitude averaged wind parallel to longitude circles a. what drives the mean north-south motion?-the equator-to-pole heating imbalance. Moist static energy is moved around by the motions of the atmosphere and these transports can be integrated through the mass Based on ERA-Interim and JRA-55 daily reanalysis datasets, connections among the variations in the Brewer–Dobson circulation (BDC) intensity, stratospheric air mass, surface pressure, and the tropospheric meridional circulation during the period from 1979 to 2015 are analyzed.
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